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Chandler, TX
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Because there are many gourd artists who are unable to attend classes, she decided to write gourd instructional books that will teach her techniques and share tips of information she has learned.  These books are very detailed and have Illustrations and/or step-by-step photos with written instructions.

​Hellen has taught students from Holland, Belgium, France, New Zealand, Germany, and USA.  She travels to many states to teach at gourd festivals and retreats as well as teaches private lessons in her home.  Each student receives a booklet with step-by-step photos/illustrations and detail written instructions to take home with them just in case they forget what they learned.
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The designs within this web site are original designs of Hellen Martin.  
Under NO circumstances may they be used or reproduced in any form.
Hellen Martin is a national/international gourd artist.  She prepares her fine art on gourds, wood, Cyprus Knees and other mediums utilizing her 
 carving, painting,  pyrographingwoodburning,  closed coiling, and pine needle coiling skills. She adds a more modern look to her work using metal coating and various partinas.   She incorporates antlersbeads, and walnut slices on her pieces.  Her gourd art is unique and shows her love of her work and her Blackfoot and Comanche heritage. She has won numerous awards for her paintingpine needle coilingwoodburning, and closed coiling. Since she applies her techniques on all her gourds, visit each page in order to view all her art.
Her style of woodburning faux leather tooling on gourds has become extremely popular in the art world. She wrote several instructional books that allowes many gourd artists to learn this technique. Many of these artists have applied this technique with their own style that has thrilled her. Visit the Western page to view Hellen's faux leather tooling style and instructional books page to view the tooling books she has available.
Hellen's Indian Maidens are one of her trademarks.  Her maidens are known for having no facial features and vivid colored robes.  Most of the Indian maidens are painted, but she has also started doing some of them with colored pencils that appear to be painted. 
To add an additional American Indian design to her gourd art, she added the closed coiling to the rims.  It was so well received she wrote an instructional booklet of how to do the process so other gourd artists could enjoy this technique.

Hellen started applying her techniques to other mediums in 2016.  She is enjoying the variety.
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